Privacy Policy

Updated: 31 Aug, 2017

Super Locker gives high priority to your private information, and this privacy policy will explain why and what we collect, and how we use the information we collected. Please read carefully and understand the terms of this privacy policy (hereinafter, the “Policy”). To know this Policy is important for you, your use of our products or services shall be regarded as your acknowledgment and acceptance of this Policy.

We collect information to provide you with better service and a more satisfying user experience. Below we explained how and what we collect, it includes: (1) the information you provide for us, such as the information you filled with when you registered the account; (2) the information we obtained from your use of our products or services, for example, we collect through the advertising or videos you watched. Further, according to the different characteristic of each product, we may collect different information from your use of services, for example, your device information, browser type, location information, and other data that can be obtained through your use of browser, search, cookie, etc. We collect this information to continuously improve our services, and may provide you with content recommendation services, such as, recommendation of news, advertisings and other content that you are interested in.

The following part – how we collect and use information, provide you with detailed information in connection with specific Super Locker product. If you wish to know more details about how we collect information and how we use it of each product, please refer to and read the Privacy Policy for each product.

How we collect and use information – Super Locker

(1) Read phone status and identity

• We may read the unique device ID and encrypt irreversibly while will not collect user personal identity information.

(2) Read your text messages (SMS or MMS)

• Used to show messages on the lock screen. No relative information will be selected.

(3) Take pictures and videos

• Used in Super Locker Settings and Quick Actions Bar to turn on/off flashlight.

(4) We may get your approximate location (network-based)

• Used in Weather function to provide weather information service.

(5) We may read your contacts

• Only used on the lock screen shows missed calls and unread SMS. No relative contact information will be collected.

(6) Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage

• This permission allows users to save Super Locker wallpapers stored in SD card.

(7) Read the contents of your USB storage

• This permission allows users to view Super Locker wallpapers stored in SD card.

(8) Set an alarm

• By tapping the clock on the lock screen, allow user to enter Alarm settings.

(9) Find accounts on the device

• This permission allows Super Locker to check if users have logged in Google Play and provide relative app installation service.

(10) Read Google service configuration

• This permission allows Super Locker to read ad ID and provide ad recommendation service.

(11) Change cellular data status

• Used in Quick Actions Bar to turn on/off cellular data.

(12) Change Wi-Fi connection status

• Used in Quick Actions Bar to turn on/off Wi-Fi connection.

(13) Full network access

• This permission accesses Super Locker to network for achieving relative services, e.g. providing version update notification, sorting configuration of App Lock application list, Notification application list, etc. Data consumption may be needed.

(14) Check network connections

• Used in Quick Actions Bar to check network connection status.

(15) Check Wi-Fi connections

• Used in Quick Actions Bar to turn on/off Wi-Fi connection.

(16) Access Bluetooth settings

• Used in Quick Actions Bar to turn on/off Bluetooth.

(17) Pair with Bluetooth devices

• Used in Quick Actions Bar to view Bluetooth connection status.

(18) Close other apps

• This permission allows Super Locker to close apps running in background with 1-Tap Clean and 1-Tap Booster.

(19) Retrieve running apps

• This permission allows Super Locker to check running apps with 1-Tap Clean and 1-Tap Booster.

(20) Run at startup

• This permission allows Super Locker services to run at startup.

(21) Draw over other apps

• This permission allows lock screen to display windows over other apps.

(22) Control vibration

• Used in Quick Actions Bar so device can vibrate for once as notification when startup.

(23) Set wallpaper

• This permission allows users to choose and set wallpapers.

(24) Expand/collapse status notification bar

• Used to expand/collapse status notification bar, for clean notification.

(25) Modify system settings

• Used in Quick Actions Bar to toggle or adjust ringtone, vibration and brightness.

(26) Precise location (GPS and network-based)

• This permission allows Super Locker to use location service to provide weather information for users. This may consume more battery.

(27) Manage Bluetooth

• Used to access Bluetooth settings and pair with other devices via Bluetooth.

(28) Read, modify and delete contents in the SD card

• This permission allows Super Locker to read, modify and delete contents in SD card according to users’ order.

(29) Reroute outgoing calls

• This permission allows user to read and call back missed calls.

(30) View or change system settings

• This permission allows Super Locker Quick Actions Bar to view and change settings of ringtone, vibration, screen rotate, and brightness.

(31) System alert window

• Used to send instant notifications to users by drawing over other messages.

(32) View recently used apps

• Used for app arrangements on Super Locker Quick Actions Bar, Search Bar. No relative information will be collected.

(33) Apply for GCM service

• Used in Featured Wallpapers release.

(34) Accessibility

• This permission allows Super Locker 1-Tab Booster to close apps chosen by users with accessibility. This permission is only used to speed up device and no other personal information will be collected.

(35) Awake in background

•Used in Lock screen to activate 1-Tap Acceleration, close unnecessary apps running in background and save battery power.

(36) Read the list of installed apps and usage information of apps

• App lock, App Notification and Notification Cleaner need read the applications list. Users can set which apps need be locked and receive needed App Notifications. Users also can set the apps list of Notification Cleaner.

• Application usage information will be analyzed intelligently in the cloud. And Super Locker will automatically and intelligently recommend recently used app in Quick Actions Bar, Search Bar, App Notification, Notification Cleaner, etc. for users. It will be closer to the user's habits and more user-friendly.

• We may arrange or analyze this type of information and share in a form of report (including but not limited to the form of the report), but the shared content will not contain your personal information.

• The information you provide, produce or remained when you use our service. We may record some details about how you use our product and service, such as clicking button, your search queries, your shared text, etc. during your usage of our product and service. We will collect these to provide you with more targeted content and services.

(37) Account Information

• When you sign up for an account, you may provide us some of your information, such as Email, Avatar, Nick Name, Gender, Region, What’s Up, Hobbies, Occupation, etc. If you choose to log in through your third party’s account, such as your Facebook account or Google Plus account, we may also collect your account information by Facebook API or Google API. We will collect your account information to provide you with more targeted content and services.

(38) Read your contacts

Used to display contact name of missed calls or SMS on lock screen. No contact identified information will be collected.

(39) Send and view SMS

Used in messaging service in Smart Locker, including receive, reply. No Message content will be collected.

(40) Read call log

Used in phone call service in Smart Locker, including display phone number and time of missed calls, and users can spontaneously change status of missed calls. No calls information will be collected.

(41) Information you give us

Many of our services require you to sign up for a Account. When you do, we’ll ask for personal information, like your name, email address, telephone number to store with your account.

Whenever you use our services, we aim to provide you with access to your personal information. If that information is wrong, we strive to give you ways to update it quickly or to delete it – unless we have to keep that information for legitimate business or legal purposes.

We aim to maintain our services in a manner that protects information from accidental or malicious destruction. Because of this, after you delete information from our services, we may not immediately delete residual copies from our active servers and may not remove information from our backup systems.

How we protect your information

We will use commercially and technically reasonable means and efforts to properly arrange and protect your information, for example, to protect through use of newer asymmetric encryption techniques, to hold your personal information harmless from accidental loss, misuse, alteration, destruction, unauthorized access and disclosure, and so on. Except as required by law or expressly allowed herein, we will not disclose your personal information:

• For legal reasons

To disclose your information as required by law or administrative regulations, or the disclosure is necessary to comply with legal procedure served on AUGEAPPS websites;

• With your consent

To disclose your information with authorization or consent given by yourself;

• For user or public safety

To protect AUGEAPPS right, AUGEAPPS users or public safety, to guarantee the safety of AUGEAPPS customers and products in case of emergency;

To comply with AUGEAPPS related terms of services and software license agreement.

How we share your information

• With your consent

Any sensitive personal information (including personally identifiable information, financial and payment information, authentication information, phone book or contact data, collectively known as "personally identifiable information") shall not be shared with any other companies, organizations or individuals without your consent or authorization.

• Share with third parties adhere to this Policy

With commercially reasonable effort to protect your information, AUGEAPPS will work with third-party business partners for specific field of products or services cooperation, in order to provide you with better and more comprehensive services. This cooperation may need us to share some user information with our business partners (personally identifiable information not included). Our partners may be provided with access to the information necessary to perform their functions only if they agree to strictly comply with this Privacy Policy and other confidentiality terms. We will urge our partners to protect the user information in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the confidentiality terms.

Please be noted that some links connected with third-party web pages are included in AUGEAPPS products. AUGEAPPS does not make any warranties and shall not take any legal responsibilities of any products, content, privacy statements, operational policies, and other business activities of any other websites of third parties. If you wish to use the services of any other websites of third parties, please read carefully and understand their privacy policies and other related statements.

Probably we may share non-personally identifiable information with our business partners (such as publishers, advertisers, or affiliated websites) and may be publicly available. For example, we may disclose information to the public to let them know the overall user data and the overall trend for the use of AUGEAPPS products. Meanwhile, AUGEAPPS reminds you to pay attention to protect your personal information in your use of our services. Please be careful to disclose your personal information when using AGUEAPPS services (for example, you are likely to make comments in the news comment section or posting your own email ID, and so on), AGUEAPPS does not take any responsibility for personal information disclosure or collection by any third party arising out of your personal disclosing actions. Please attach importance to protect your personal information with considering carefully whether the disclosure is necessary.

Privacy Protection of Minors

If you are a minor, you shall use our services with obtaining prior consent of your parent or legal guardian (collectively, "guardian"). We recommend that the guardians of minors shall read this Policy carefully, and we also recommend minors to obtain guardians’ prior consent and guidance before submitting personal information in your use of our services. We are committed to the protection of children's privacy that we will not intentionally collect personal information of children under the age of 13.

Update of Privacy Policy

AUGEAPPS is committed to make continuous progress for our services to improve user satisfaction, therefore we may update or change this Policy continuously with including any update or change on this page and you may find the date updated at the top of this Policy. Please understand that any updates of our privacy policy are part of this Privacy Policy. And if you continue to use our service, it means you agree to accept the update Privacy Policy. We encourage you to review our Privacy Policy every time when you use our services.

Contact us

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